Also, let’s try this, because why not?

There is always so much to do. Ordinarily I don't like to procrastinate- but when a good idea comes to mind, sometimes it's hard not to act on it…

Like making your cow baby-tweenager wear a saddle.

Which he greatly appreciated. Naturally.

End goal- be that lady at your hometown event with a giant horned saddled steer charging you $20 to take a picture riding it. That's me. He's going to make me money. That's our economic viability plan. You've got to have those when dealing with husbands who constantly ask annoying questions like, "why do you need a pet steer?" And "when are you going to turn him out with the others?"

Psh. This avenue of life has much better prospects for him besides getting roped and hamburgered. Just saying. So long as he always stays my sweet little cow-boy. 🙂

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