Meet the Farm.ily

Welcome friends to my farm, family, and the Farm.ily

.ILY means “I Love You”

This is my Farm, they are my family too, and I love them. We are Farm.ily.

I love my farm.ily and I hope you will too,

Dessa & BoBo, Blueberry, Pinkerton & Stinkerton, those darn pigs Peter & Paul, Daddy & Sonny D Donkey, Boyfriend, the dogs, Rooty & the ducks, and all your favorite Farm.ily friends 🙂


One year old crossbred wether
Loves long walks and BaZoings
Favorite treats are horse cookies from Costco
Blueberry was bottle raised by friends of mine… he was going to be lamb chops but after seeing what a cool dude he was they asked me if I would like to be his friend and super star for TikToks! I am so grateful they did, he is a blast!

BoBo & Lucky

BoBo is a 4 year old Corriente/Longhorn cross. He was born on our place with a twin brother who was almost as cute as Bo. His mother didn’t produce enough milk for two so Brett foolishly asked if I wanted to pick one to bottle feed. I am 100% certain he did not see a lifelong longhorn pet as the result of that question!

Lucky is a 2 year old heifer former wild child bottle baby that we got for our son for his first cow in his commercial herd he wants to develop someday. Naturally she makes a great gal pal to Bo and she has certainly come around to be quite a friendly girl. She loves cookies and treats just as much as Bo does.

The Donkey Duo

Father & Son Miniature Donkeys
Daddy Donkey, 10 years old & Sonny Donkey, 6 years old

This father and son pair are the newest members of the Farm.ily! They got here this Fall and I’m not too sure what they thought of me or this place, but they wouldn’t let me near them. Needless to say, I am tickled they’re letting me dress them up a little and enjoying themselves here and they don’t seem to mind my company either.

Peter & Paul

Long sigh. The pigs. Hahah.

Pete is the bigger one of the two and he has the white belt, Paul is a yearling and all black with a small, adorable white star on his forehead and a white sock.

Peter and Paul are “mini-pigs” which basically means they are a lot smaller than butcher hogs, which, get HUGE. Peter is probably 250lbs? His mouth has the clamping strength of a hippo. Ask my fingers about that. Or check out the TikTok that pairs nicely with pigs making you bleed your own blood.

Pinkerton & Stinkerton

5 year old Fainting Goats who do not faint 🙂

These dudes are the Original Gangsters of the Farm.ily. Like a weirdo, I paid good money for goats. Little did I know people would be asking me to TAKE their goats. Haha. We have a pretty strict goat intake limit. Pinky and Stinky are pretty rude and pretty picky about who they will tolerate. And it’s me. That’s it.

Pinkerton is black and white with the Fryer Tuck shaped head. He is polled. Thank goodness. He is my number one body goat and I can always count on him to sit with me no matter the weather or time of day.

Rocks, who I refer to as “Stinkerton” because we like rhymes, is the black goat with horns. Let me tell you about horns. They are like men. They always let you know they’ve got a pair. BoBo is no different. Rocks is cool, he’s my numero dos guard goat, but he perfers to multi-task and he has Donkeys to monitor so when he’s not sitting with me, he’s busy bossing around the donks or being an all-around dick to the pigs and Blueberry. Being a dick to Blueberry might be his most beloved hobby.

David, Tater-Tot, & Mickie

David Rudabaugh Studebaker Watson- 10 year old red Heeler
Dave is a sweet old fatty that struggles with snuggle boundaries and personal space.

Tater-Tot, also known as “Baby Dave” and Potato- 1 year old red Heeler
Tater does whatever he wants, whenever he wants because he can. Look at him.

Mickie- 4 year old cross breed rescue sweet heart. She is my spirit animal. She is kind and gentle and also maybe a little out of her mind.


11 year old Andalusian gelding, all around dream lover

This is proof that you can manifest your dreams into reality. I will be back to populate this textbox with more information. Or maybe it will be a chapter in my book? A book you ask? Maybe.

Shama Llama Ding Dong & Dolly Llama

Shama & Dolly came to the Farm.ily in March 2022 from Camelot Dairy, where I kid you not, they raise camels for milk. The girls are strong, independent, curious, friendly, and the funnest girls ever. They immediately became a beloved member of the farm.ily. Look for the girls starting in their TikToks, feeling philanthropic at community events, or book them for your own personal llama party!


Hiiiiiiiiiiii! My name is Dessa!

I am an instructor for a graduate school program by trade and funny farm/horse girl by passion. I am a mom to a queen and a little cowboy and married to a big Cowboy. We live an awesome life on a small farm in NW Colorado. I LOVE to make videos with my horses and farm animals to share with others. The “.ily” stands for “I love you”, a fun fact I learned from the Gen Z’s, so it only seemed fitting that the animals that make up my family are called The Farm.ily

Being kind and compassionate are important practices I strive to live by, also, I love to make people laugh, or at least give a grin. I love to brighten people’s day through birthday greetings, holiday dress up, keeping up with fun trends, and all the everyday antics we have here on the Funny Farm with my Funny Farm.ily.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our page!
Have a beautiful day,

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