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Red, White, & Moo With Ewe

Happy 6th of July! On the 1st of July, I was like, (in my head of course) “hey, you should enter the Farm.ily in the parade”… so I did. Eek. I shared the exciting news with my aunt and uncle, exciting because I also… Continue Reading “Red, White, & Moo With Ewe”

Also, let’s try this, because why not?

There is always so much to do. Ordinarily I don't like to procrastinate- but when a good idea comes to mind, sometimes it's hard not to act on it… Like making your cow baby-tweenager wear a saddle. Which he greatly appreciated. Naturally. End goal-… Continue Reading “Also, let’s try this, because why not?”

It’s been a while. Let’s try this again. But with goats.

Whilst working in the office I heard the sweet pitter-patter of little… wait, what is that?! Ahhhh the sweet pitter-patter of little CLOVEN feet. And one bigger set of cloves. *New house goals: keep all doors closed. It's like we were raised in a… Continue Reading “It’s been a while. Let’s try this again. But with goats.”

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