Constant Chaos

Just like my living room, I tend to re-arrange things in an effort to make sure everyone is in their happy place. The other day the donkeys escaped the pasture for the third time which led me to believe they no longer wanted to be in the pasture… so let’s move them then? Grab the halters? Nah- turn them loose and they’ll know where to go… On this day, Brett had a friend over who happened to ask me if I needed any help… His help worked out well with Daddy & Sonny D but then I thought, since I have the help, let’s move BoBo and Lucky too…


Reply to @d1u_laugh_with but were they? 😏🙃😂 #thefunnyfarmily

♬ Do It To It – ACRAZE

This friend knew just where to be and to stand to help guide the donks into the arena… so I went up and opened the gate for BoBo and decided to be smart and halter Lucky and BoBo would follow us down to the arena. This was a good plan. I do this a lot and it normally works, sometimes it takes 30 minutes, but we get it done. What I did not take into account with the new help was that he might think BoBo was a regular Bovine and will respond as such… and not like a giant, angry, over-protective and super unsocialized 1,200 momma’s boy Chihuahua. Woops. In hind-sight I should have mentioned to the kind helper, “you stand over there and that will be perfect”… instead he went into the pen to shoosh BoBo out of the gate, to which BoBo was offended and per anything less than expected, chaos ensued…


Reply to @markmonk1 stranger danger is high in this one 😳 I’ll have to talk to him about how we talk to new people 😎 #thefunnyfarmily

♬ my own summer by deftones – inactive

Needless to say I was shocked and embarrassed by my teenage bovine’s behavior… Here is a longer visual version of the short story above 🙂


Reply to @roolzschmoolz story time. Also how many times can I say BoBo like it’s going to do something? Don’t answer that 😂#thefunnyfarmily

♬ original sound – The Farm.ily

Long story short, BoBo complied and ran high-tailed into the arena and down to the pasture. I had to go check on the guy, he was so worked up, plus I needed to remind him about his manners/ make sure he hadn’t sold his soul to the devil. When I came down to the hay bale I called his name and BoBo came running, thankfully not to run me over. Glad we’re still friends however I think I will be spending more time working on his stranger danger.


I guess we’ll never know 😏 or will we? Going to start +R on the farm tomorrow, BoBo included. Stay tuned. #thefunnyfarmily

♬ Everybody want to know – chill

Flash forward a few days later… I wake up to find Lucky out…


6* out and Hadn’t even got the kids to school before a cow was out 🤣 #monday #thefunnyfarmily

♬ Helikopter – Fazlija

It was 6 degrees and I had exactly NO minutes to get Lucky in a pen before I needed to take the kids to school so I was quite pleased with myself when Mickie, Dave, and I were able to accomplish this task fairly quickly and with only Mickie loosing 1 front tooth.

I spent the most of this day at my desk, feverishly catching up on grading and such, the day really flew by, so much so I totally forgot the neighbor had 4 of our calves at their place I needed to go get. So after I picked the kids up from school my son and I went to bring them home. This task went really well, too well. As expected, more chaos with cows was planned.


Reply to @d1u_laugh_with yall I cant with how long these voice edits take to make 🤣 Long Version of Monday eve #thefunnyfarmily

♬ original sound – The Farm.ily
Which leads me to my unrealistic Christmas wish list for this year…

Maybe this year livestock, ill keep ya fenced in/out/not in the house, maybe 🤞#thefunnyfarmily #unrealisticchristmaslist

♬ original sound – ✰ Christmas sounds ✰
A girl can dream right?! Happy week before Christmas friends!
Love, Dessa

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