Old posts, new posts, Blueberry posts

If you’re reading this (peace be with you) you may have noticed some of these posts are quite old… circa 2013, basically one million years ago, with entries of two lines and a picture. Prolific and profound, I know. 😉

When rebooting this blog, I decided to leave the random-ass old entries, because why not. Anyway. On with the show.

Speaking of the show. Blueberry has been the star of the chaos and disorder show here at the Funny Farm.ily lately. He offers endless amounts of tiktok options from destroying his magnificent sheep shed I constructed, jogs down the road, to playing the video version of Sting’s stalker in my life. *These are some of the things I’s appreciates abouts hims. (Letterkenny reference).

Blueberry Demolition Services available. Call for prices.

Blueberry doesn’t know it yet, but he’s going to star as Cam the Ram in my class videos because heck yes I am going to align my personal passions with work when I can.

This was an exceptionally fun morning run with my dog friends and Bloobs. Fun fact I learned from TikTok friends. BaZoings are called popcorns!
Taking my sheep for a jog, pausing for some popcorns
Every breath you take, Blueberry is watching you

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